DASS Engineering

Our performances – a proven way to obtain customers' loyalty

Company profile



To be a domestic leading company in electro - production, engineering and services of products. Further to branch the activity on the Balkan and European countries, expanding first class tenders with highly provided professional standards.


To reach profitable development and enable availability of the customers to the highest achievements and automatic technology worldwide. Progress of the performance, productivity, enable conservation of energy and protection of the environment.


  • Our obligation is to develop and motivate high-grade staff
  • Employment and keeping the best staff
  • Enable specialization in leading European institutions
  • Determination for experts to create the development and orientation of our business


  • Feature standard ISO 9001:2000
  • High liability and flexibility towards the different structure of customers
  • High professionalism and specialized human resources
  • Manners based on respect and safety
  • Progress and modernization of the product which agrees with the world standards
  • Distinguishable quality and protective politics towards the environment
  • Liability for the taken obligations towards the purchasers, the trade and the associates


Regarding the realization of the targets and the projects we are guided by the satisfaction, the needs and the requests of the customers. We insist to solve the problems and to enable maximal technical and financial reliefs, well-founded technical solutions, service and development of most modern technology.

We aspire to be the most competitive and most competent on the market. We have the aim to be readily accessible and flexible, with including of associates in Macedonia and the wide region.


Our performances – a proven way to obtain customers' loyalty