Compact metal sled substations LBT (630-К, 630. 1000)

The tin substations are made of profiled frame construction coated with tin boards
They are made in accordance with the requirements and regulations that apply to prefabricated concrete substations.
The elements of the cabinet are made of steel sheet up to 4 mm thick, anti-corrosion protected with powder varnish that is electrostatically applied, with color RAL 7035.
The substation is mounted on a prepared concrete base. The foundation is made according to a special construction project in accordance with the terrain.


Voltage level kV 12-24kV
Substations type    LBT 630К LBT 630 LBT 1000
Nominal power kVA 630 630 1000
Short circuit power MVA 250/500
One minute test voltage on 50 Hz kV 70/125
Pulse voltage 1,2/50 sec kV 28/50
Dimensions A mm 2000 3000 3300
B mm 2000 1800 2100
C mm 2300 2300 2320