Prefabricated concrete substations BTS-6

Prefabricated concrete substation BTS-6 is designed as a free-standing on a suitable construction plot. The location of the substation and the arrangement of the free space around it is done according to the urban conditions. Prefabricated concrete substations are made as standard with internal service. The installation of the building is fast. The construction part is completed in one day. Prerequisites are: adequate ground load and provided access for an off-road vehicle. All elements are interconnected galvanically. The locksmith is made of anodized aluminum. It is possible to install electrical equipment from all leading manufacturers. All connectors are wired. Cooling is with natural air circulation.

Technical features
Voltage level kV 12 24
Substation type TYPE BTS-6
Nominal power kVA 250, 400, 630, 1000
Short circuit power MVA 350 500
Dimensions of : A mm 4440
B mm 2250
C mm 2950